• PIX-IT Box 6 - A large educational set

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An interesting form of play with 1080 elements in 6 colors. Additionally, the set includes 6 mats with dimensions of 30x21cm [A4] and 6 books with tasks and drawings. Booklet in English, French and German. All packed in a handy plastic box.

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Educational set PIX-IT Box 6

The choice of blocks for children is very large. They have a variety of functions, shapes and forms, but all of them have a basic goal - to provide your child with fun. It is no different with the PIX-IT Premium set . These are educational blocks that combine the fun of stacking blocks with didactic values. The set consists of 6 mats and as many as 1080 colorful elements. These are plastic blocks that, when placed on a mat, can become extraordinary pictures. The set also includes a booklet in which we can find inspiration for further creative works on the PIX-IT mat. The whole thing can be hidden in the enclosed packaging, thanks to which the toys for children will remain in perfect order.
Recent reports in the field of neurophysiology show that from a functional point of view, the brain of a 7-year-old child is already formed in 2/3. It is the first years of human development that determine how he will cope as an adult. Therefore, it is worth making sure that he develops his intellectual capabilities to the maximum. PIX-IT influences human intellectual development. This is more than just a puzzle! PIX-IT is a great play set for children in both preschool and early school age, created in accordance with the rules and requirements set out by Maria Montessori.
PIX-IT fun consists in arranging colorful, silicone elements on the mat . In this way, the child can, for example, create his own picture or perform one of the tasks from the booklet attached to the set. Tasks can be selected according to the age and abilities of the child - from the simplest to the most complex. Mapping, arranging and coding has never been so easy and fun!
The PIX-IT BOX 6 set includes 6 silicone mats: 3 x transparent (easier) and 3 x green (more difficult). The child can start playing with a translucent mat, under which he puts a card with tasks and places the elements on it according to a pattern. The next step is the green mat, where the child places the card next to the mat and recreates the pattern as instructed. Younger children can recreate shapes, older children will also use the puzzle to learn coding and programming.
The PIX-IT BOX 6 set includes:
1080 colorful elements in 6 colors
6 silicone mats, dimensions: 30 x 21 cm (3 x green and 3 x translucent)
6 books with tasks and drawings (in English, French and German)
Plastic resealable box

Why should these small, colorful elements be in your child's toy box? It's easy! Playing with them stimulates and supports the child's development on many levels: development of abstract thinking, development of imagination and creativity, the ability to concentrate and focus on a task, development of spatial imagination, memory, development of logical thinking, development of fine motor skills, mathematical skills, communication and vocabulary development.
The PIX-IT puzzle is perfect for playing at home and in kindergarten. It was created in accordance with the requirements and principles of Maria Montessori's pedagogy. MENSA recommends PIX-IT! MENSA is an international organization founded in Oxford in 1946. Its mission is to use intelligence for the better life of mankind. In the USA, MERF (Mensa Education and Research Foundation) has the status of UNESCO adviser. PIX-IT elements are made of high-quality silicone. The toy meets all the requirements for this type of product in the EU and the USA (EN-71-1, EN71-2, EN 71-3 and ASTM F963-16). The product does not contain phthalates. BPA FREE. Set made in the Czech Republic, in cooperation with experts and educators.
Gwarancja 24
Wielkość elementów 1,6 cm
Zalecany wiek dziecka 4+
Ilość elementów 1080
Ilość instrukcji 6 x A3
Wielkość opakowania 37 x 25 x 17H
Waga z opakowaniem 3,5 kg
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